The following selections are original watercolours. They are suitable for hanging as a centerpiece for a room. The transparent watercolours are painted on the traditional size (22" x 30") sheet of 300 pound rag paper.

Giclees of these paintings can be purchased at approximately one third the cost of the original.
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20114 * Reflections and Shadows
This painting is about exactly what the title states. I was drawn to the obvious compositional interactions of the shape of the actual truck components (door, window, coiled cords, mirrors) and the shadows and reflections cast upon them. However, in this painting I found the opportunity to tease the viewer with the question, ''Is it real or is it a shadow?'' Even in the image of the driver, I hope the viewer must think twice to be sure there is a man there looking right back at him.

20113 * Shameless Flirts
Orchids are flirtatious. In their natural habitat they must attract pollinators with their colors and sometimes their scents. These two beautiful specimens are doing their best to carry on the species. They are cattleyas and I did not exagerate either their color or their shapes. The color is bright watermelon and the hybrid is so named. This painting was exhibited at the last watercolor show of The American Orchid Society in West Palm Beach.

20112 * After Graduation
This painting is meant to be a comment on the different values of education for different ethnic and age groups.  The groups are teen blacks, young South Americans, and older Caucasians. Some values can be determined by dress styles and by accessories.   Each group is somewhat isolated from the other, signifying boundaries.  I try to make no judgement on any of the people, just portray that each relates to education in their own way.  I did make a decision to portray a female black rather than a male.  Compositionally, I really am working on patterns, patterns of rock, patterns of steps, shadows and cloth folds.  Repetitive colors are blues and browns punctuated by a little orange.   Several of my paintings in past years have been social commentary also. An obvious one is Turnpike Fruitstandi>.

20111 * Three Yeas and One Neigh
A four way conversation is depicted here. Obviously the animated viewpoint of the guy with his back to the viewer is drawing attention from the other two fellows. The expression on each of their faces is classic. The young skier shows admiration, the older guy shows amused skepticism. And the horse - the horse exhibits wry patience.

20101 * Marlboro Men
This painting was sketched in the stock market area of New York City after 9/11 and it is possible that these men are working on rebuilding some of the destruction. But the real subject here is public workers. These men personify American working class. Their stance, concentration, equipment expertise speak to the hearty breed of American workers whom they represent. These are no-nonsense guys who get the job done. The fourth person is of another urban strata. He is rushing somewhere with a cell phone clasped to his ear. The composition of the painting is a favorite of the artist. It lays the rubble of rocks right at the feet of the viewer. Then your eye is led back up the scene to the faces of the workmen. Watercolor was applied with many techniques including stippling, overlay washes, bleeding and granulating. Painted in a myriad of greys and beiges with punches of bright yellow and reds, the design bounces with the rhythm of the jackhammer.

20071 * Whassup, girl?
Sparkling personality and exuberance are clearly exhibited in the attitude of this chatty girl. Her broad smile indicates a genuine enjoyment of this mintue and probably of her situation in life. She is caught in a charming moment where she is both poised and yet candid. Her stylish boots, handbag and jewelry indicate a savvy fashion sense. And the girl facing away seems oblivious to all the fun goin on behind her.
But this is not merely a painting about social issues. It is an experiment in paint and texture juxtapositions. The smooth glass windows reflect other human images and act as a foil to the texture of the marble slab on which the subject sits. The composition works in a circle, starting with the sunglasses, moving downward to the hand, knees and then on to the boot, the toe of which points the eye back up into the face again. Diagonals and verticals divide the textures and the spaces into pleasing sections.

20062 * Bancroft Hall
Known as the world's largest dormitory building, Bancroft Hall is the anchor structure on the campus of the U.S. Naval Academy at Annapolis, Marylnd. All midshipmen have passed through these doors and halls during their studies at the naval officer training school. Footsteps of historic military leader echo on these marble floors. The stairway leads to a memorial hall in which a large book listing the names of all graduates lays open for visitors to browse. An asterisk marks those names of fallen heroes. The huge wooden doors welcome all - parents, visitors and students. Plebes scurry quickly through the hallway. Upperclassmen, hats politely removed, walk to their assignments. Strains of the Naval Hymn waft across the campus from the chapel. Bancroft Hall signifies both futures and legacies.

Original $1800
Full size giclee $300
20061 * April in New York
New Yorkers celebrate springtime with tulips planted in the medians of their busy streets. The colorful sight will stop pedestrians in the middle of their stride. The view down the traffic corridor is fantastic. The colorful tulips are interspersed with the graceful trees which are also blooming. Who says New York is all steel and concrete? Yet the stately buildings make a fitting sentinel to the parade of nature.

NFS (Full size giclee available $300)
20055 * Magnificent Jungle Beauty
No other plant embodies such wild grace as the cattleya orchid. This particular plant is a hybrid but has been bred to keep the jungle colors and sophisticated profile. The intense yellow green of the sepals and petals are a foil for the deep magenta of the lip. The tropical colors are outrageous. The subtle mauves are exquisite.

This is a painting about juxtaposition - of color, of shape, of texture. Crisp edges are juxtaposed against soft edges. Smooth surface is played against crinkly. Transparent is juxtaposed against opaque, substance against atmosphere. A pattern of lines slides across the length of a petal, changing color and personality as it reaches the edge. The total composition appears simple but is complex.

NFS, Giclee available
20054 * Early Morning Sunrays
This is a painter's painting. It tells no story. It simply and lovingly describes the rays of early morning light and their effects upon the landscape. The sunshine strobes across the field, the tree branches, the sidewalk and the grass. The light lays patterns across every surface. The patterns make up a criss-cross of diagonals, perfectly placed to challenge and then stabilize the strong composition. Plant textures play against each other, opaque contrasts with transparent, warm colors enhance cool hues. The distant vista is soft and dreamy against the foreground of crisp grass blades and a hard sidewalk surface. Note: The 2004 Florida hurricanes took most of the trees which rhythmically march across the center of the painting. The artist had previously photograhed and sketched the scene.

$1400, Giclee available
20053 * CityPlace: From the Ice Cream Shop
The plaza seems quiet as three shoppers pause for ice cream treats. Seated around their table, the people appear to be protected by a roof of palm fronds supported by stately columns of trunks. The curving shop balconies wrap the open courtyard in Italian style. The colors, Sienna, Ultramarine Blue and Ochre, accented by a deep green also whisper Italian. Sunlight illuminates various plantings, benches and distant shoppers. In truth, this is an American scene in a shopping center enhanced by Old World charm.


Cornell All Florida Exhibit, Director's Choice
20052 * Laelia Purpurata
The popular purple and white orchid dances across the top of its stems and across the painting. Its graceful stamen and sepals beat a visual rhythm in a cool bright color scheme. Seashells and oriental porcelain contribute to the cultural aura of the still life. The arrangement appears to be studied but the inner design is natural. Moss tumbles over the edge of the bowl. Flower petals nudge against each other. Dried sheaths still wrap the pseudobulbs. It is a moment in time caught in an unassuming but intriguing pose.


Award - American Orchid Society Orchid Watercolor Exhibit
20051 * Library of Congress
A sparkling jewel of a painting celebrating opulent architecture and appreciation of it by the American public. Intricate details are present as in most of the artist's other works. This painting is, however, done in a more hand crafted fashion than previous paintings. Many architectural segments are freehanded to emphasize the warp of the light on building materials. Human figures are stylized into characterizations bathed in the glow of the beautiful rear windows. The awesome ceiling and floor wrap around the figures.


Jack Richeson Award, Watercolor Society of Alabama
20043 * Christopher Wren Library
The lovely old library was built in 1695 at Trinity College in Cambridge, England. Building, interior and furnishings were designed by Sir Christopher Wren, England's famous architect. The center statue depicts Sir Isaac Newton. The library is kept dark to preserve the manuscripts displayed under special lighting in the viewing cases. An ethereal light seems to radiate from the high windows. The tile floor contributes to a feeling of order and design. There is also a sense of deep respect for learning and heritage. The painting presents precise architecture softened in a glowing light.

NFS (giclee available, full size, $400)
20042 * Spiral Stairway-Vatican
The world famous spiral stairway is designed to accomodate horses if need be. The dramatic light is the result of both artificial and natural lighting. The rich, dark areas lend the Old World chiaroscuro. The slick marble floor accents the exquisitely intricate friezes. Heads from the friezes seem to peer at the figures below. Tourists engrossed in experiencing the scene are caught in the enchanting spiral.

20041 * A Painting of Painting a Painting
An intimate peek into the work habits of the artist. The painting depicts an almost finished painting of a nautilus and a white orchid. That painting is signed and the same signature authenticates the larger painting also. The beautiful white cattleya still sits on the table alongside the brushes and paint pallet. The two water cups (one clean, one dirty) and the sponge in the butcher tray tell fellow artists much about the discipline of this watercolourist. Marian Heath Axley still paints with watercolour as she did with oil and thus is stingey with the amount she squeezes onto the pallet. 

NFS, Private Collection

Award - American Orchid Society Orchid Watercolor Exhibit
200310 * Stairway at the Metropolitan
The art museum foyer encloses a few members of New York's masses. Individuals are frozen in their endeavors. The stance of the guards seems to echo the pivot of the statue. Hustle and bustle of employees and visitors are caught mid-air in the impressive architecture of the building. Backlighting frames the stairway figures paused upon a step in poses indicating of their various activities. Warm red-browns dominate the dark areas of the painting.

NFS, Private Collection
20039 * Ancient Designs
Mesmerizing patterns seem to spiral into paths. The stones are corroded, cracked, stained, but still beautiful.

NFS, Private Collection
20038 * Rainy Day at Windsor Castle
Two gentlemen contemplate the weather at Windsor Courtyard. Damp wood carvings, worn stones, soggy umbrella play against a sky which neither promises nor threatens but remains ambivalent. Some viewers claim to see the figures as World War II leaders but the artist did not intend any reference to known personalities.

20037 * Photo Op
David stares at his distant enemy, oblivious to the whirring, clicking cameras. Adoring photographers flock to the feet of the statue. Often people are surprised at the huge size of the sculpture. This painting makes the true size of Michelangelo's work apparent by placing real people into the scene. And only the imagination can conjure the size of the giant whom David is prepared to slay.

NFS, Private Collection

Award - Georgia Watercolor Society, Member Exhibit
20036 * Turnpike Fruitstand
Sunshine colors, jazzy patterns, oranges and grapefruits, umbrellas, casual clothing and yes, gum spots on the sidewalk.

20035 * Pantheon Interior
Look closely at the figures in the spotlight. Hear the chatter of the group of people on the left. Smell the humid atmosphere of Rome's city street. Allow yourself to be enveloped in the dark sepia chiaroscuro that fills the famous building, which has a circular hole in the ceiling. One man leans nonchalantly against the time worn edifice while another listens intently to the taped history of the ancient structure. The Pantheon was built under the rule of the Roman emperor Hadrian and was one of the first buildings to emphasize interior space rather than exterior form.

NFS, Giclee available

Georgia Watercolor Society 24th National Exhibition - First Place
Watercolor Magic Magazine Award, NWS 83rd Annual Exhibition
Currently on tour with the National Watercolor Society 2003 National Tour , NWS National Touring Exhibit
Cornell Museum, Director's Choice
20034 * Tailgating
This is a scene within a scene. You, the viewer, are facing away from the tailgaters and your immediate surroundings are SUV's. The casual football fans are unaware of your stare into your rearview mirror. They interact with each other in a temporary cocoon designed for an afternoon of entertainment, cooking, eating, comforting, conversing and playing. Behind the tailgaters, trees begin to show slight signs of fall colors and the college dorm stretches out of the top of the mirror.
Tailgating was selected by the city of West Palm Beach, Florida to be replicated as a seven by twelve foot mural and used as a window board for urban redevelopment projects. Paintings of six local artists which depict various urban lifestyles will be enlarged for this purpose.

NFS (giclee available, full size on heavy watercolour paper, $200)
20033 * Nautilus and White Cattleya
Droplets from the just-watered orchid plant fall upon the Nautilus seashell. Morning light picks its way across the surfaces of clay pot, tender roots, iridescent shell and freshly cut orchid.

20032 * Rainforest Queen
Provocative, lush, exotic cattleya orchid turns full face to the viewer. Sunshine streams above. Moist, nutrient-rich atmosphere cradles the plant.

NFS, Private Collection
20031 * The Tourists
Shimmering Mediterranean light falls across the old Italian church floor. The ancient designs and symbols weave a rhythmic tracery across the cool tiles. Tourists with camera bags stand against the light, their shadows adding to the intricacy of the scene. Deep, rich, subtle color creeps into the foreground.

NFS, Private Collection

Currently on tour with 2003 American Watercolor Society 136th Annual International Exhibition, AWS National Touring Exhibit
Winner of the Ida Wells Stroud Memorial Award
20017 * CityPlace-Follow the Red Brick Road
Rows of palm trees cast shadows upon the street. At the end of the street sit the huge FAO Schwarz teddybear and a toy Volkswagon. The street is divided dramatically by the sunshine and shade, each side comfortably nestled by the moving spotlight. Benches and plants share shade and sun. The magnificent palms seem to stretch their branches in the glistening sun.

NFS, Private Collection
20015 * White Cattleya Hybrid
C. Clark Hermann is a flower coveted by orchid growers because it blooms often and magnanimously. The yellow throat glows in the backlit petals. The color scheme is Rembrandt browns and greens with a reminiscence of oil painting.

$300 (14" x 18")
20014 * Skinneri
The beloved cattleya orchid species which explodes one morning in a profusion of color, each blossom elbowing for room in the clusters. Sunlight streams across the petals, softens on the glass surfaces and the wicker furniture. Subtle details of the painting are bled to the paper's deckled edge which is left exposed by the matt.

NFS, Private Collection
20013 * CityPlace, Morning
Early morning finds both workers and shoppers awaiting the opening of shoppes. The morning sun cuts a curved shadow across the bricks of the plaza. The birds eye perspective reveals the blue sky only by its reflection on surfaces below.

NFS, Private Collection
20012 * Broughtonia sanguinea
An exotic orchid species endemic to Jamaica. Its deep pink-purple blossoms are portrayed with backlighting, changing the character of each cluster according to the orientation of the light. Hand lettering and faux foxing give the painting a look of an antique print, done in a rich, contemporary color scheme.

NFS, Private Collection
20011 * CityPlace, Fountain
The West Palm Beach, Florida culture and shopping center is portrayed in the mid day lunch break. The million dollar fountain sparkles in the sunlight as diners enjoy the umbrella shaded palazzo. Colors are typical Italian - cool sparkling blues, terra cotta brick, deep, dramatic greens.

NFS, Private Collection
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